Coronavirus Return to Work Risk Assessment Templates

Covid-19 Return to Work Risk Assessment

The Government has published detailed guidance called “Working Safely During Coronavirus (COVID-19)” to assist UK employers in getting businesses working during the pandemic. At the moment, certain business sectors are allowed to be open and it is crucial that workplaces are risk assessed so that the safest possible working environment can be created to facilitate employees coming back to work, and continuing to work as safely as possible.

A Return to Work Covid-19 Blank Risk Assessment Form template can be used to write in your findings: the hazards you have identified; the existing controls; the further measures and actions required and when they have been completed. A variety of worked example office risk assessments are also available. These example risk assessments can assist by prompting the identification of hazards, those at risk, controls undertaken and further actions.

It is imperative that each risk assessment is specific to each business, location, department and employee and that all measures, controls and actions are carried out and not just recorded on the form.

The Government has advised that all business with 50 employees or more must share the completed COVID-19 risk assessment forms with their workforce, but it is recommended that all employers should do so, even if they have less than 50 employees.

The Covid-19 Daily Health Declaration Form is for all staff to complete on a daily basis to confirm that they have not knowingly been in contact with an infected person, have been maintaining social distancing and do not have symptoms themselves.

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