Coronavirus Hotel/B&B Risk Assessment Form Template

COVID-19 Re-open Hotel/B&B Example Risk Assessment FormNew


This Worked Example COVID-19 Re-open Hotel/B&B Risk Assessment Form template has been provided to help assessors get started when they carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment for their particular hotel or bed & breakfast establishment.

This example risk assessment form is based on a hypothetical medium sized hotel with restaurant and bar, with indoor and outdoor seating availability. A booking reservation system is in place for hotel rooms and dining. It provides for individual rooms with en-suite bathrooms and suites with a shared bathroom, and room service. The content of this worked example can also assist with B&Bs.

This document should only be used as a guide/hints list when applying the COVID-19 Return to Work Blank Risk Assessment Form to your own premises.

It is imperative that any risk assessment is specific to each business, location and department and that all measures and controls are carried out and not just recorded on the form. It is important to make sure that “you have done enough” in your risk assessment.

This example risk assessment is designed to help a hotel or B&B business complete reasonable and practicable measures and controls to enable employees and guests to return safely. The application of the COVID-19 risk assessment form presumes that the hazard is the risk to staff and guests (and delivery personnel as appropriate) of being infected by the Coronavirus within the relevant location.

The “Existing Controls”, “Further Measures” and “Action Required” details serve as hints only and may or may not apply to your particular environment. Such controls and measures will depend entirely on your company’s / business’ current health & safety procedures and the steps that you have taken (and will take) in respect of managing the risk of coronavirus infection in your particular hotel or B&B.

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