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Gross Misconduct - Notice of Disciplinary Meeting

Gross Misconduct - Notice Of Disciplinary Meeting


This Gross Misconduct-Notice of Disciplinary Meeting Letter is used to request the employee’s attendance at a disciplinary meeting following an investigation into the alleged gross misconduct.

Gross Misconduct is misconduct serious enough to overturn the contract between the employer and the employee thus justifying summary dismissal. It is up to the Company to reasonably determine what acts amount to gross misconduct. If an employee commits an act of gross misconduct, the Company is entitled to summarily terminate the employee’s contract of employment without notice or payment in lieu of notice. Alternatively, the employer may choose to suspend the employee while an investigation of the alleged gross misconduct takes place and to have a subsequent meeting with the employee, and the Gross Misconduct-Notice of Disciplinary Meeting letter may be appropriate in such circumstances.

It is imperative that a fair and reasonable procedure is followed throughout the disciplinary procedure, especially in cases of gross misconduct. Please see the Disciplinary Policy and Procedure, and Guidance Notes: Disciplinary Procedure.

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