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Document Templates for Terminating or Resigning from Employment

Termination and Resignation

This subfolder includes letters to use when an employee resigns of their own volition and when you are terminating their employment.

When an employee wants to resign, you can try to persuade them to change their mind but you cannot refuse to accept their resignation. If the employee later withdraws his or her resignation, you do not have to agree to their continuing to work for you.

However, take care if it is a ‘heat of the moment’ resignation e.g. a resignation following an argument. It is always worthwhile carrying out an exit interview to see if you can ascertain the real reason for the employee leaving your company. The exit interview form in this sub folder provides a useful structure for the meeting.

Termination and Resignation documents are part of the Employment document folder. Get access to all of these documents only for £35+VAT.
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