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For Delivery of Video Streamed Professional Services via Zoom (or Other Online Platform)

February 2021

Providing services to consumers online during the Covid-19 pandemic

Due to the severe impact of Covid-19 many services are now being provided online. There are some benefits to this: savings in time and expense due to the reduced need to travel and greater flexibility about the time and day when live video stream services can be provided. This also means that the provider potentially has a wider geographical market.

Our online B2C services document templates

During 2020, we responded to the need for some suppliers to increasingly turn to supplying services and information online, by adding new sets of Online Professional Services Website Terms of Sale (B2C). These contract templates have all now been reviewed and updated to ensure that, in relation to how the Consumer Rights Act 2015 applies to protect consumers, these documents are all as clear as possible.

These templates cover online tuition, instruction and training in yoga, pilates, personal fitness, dance, exercise workouts, music and foreign languages, as well as veterinary, architectural, therapy, counselling, physiotherapy, coaching and mentoring services.

These B2C terms and conditions enable businesses to provide a wide range of online facilities to clients, including streaming of interactive live video and recorded video, one-to one or group live video sessions, and downloading of recorded video, text, graphics and images. These T&Cs allow for delivery over various online platforms such as Zoom.

Benefits of using these B2C templates

It is recommend that you use these updated templates rather than any previous versions of them that you may have downloaded. They can save time and expense when producing terms and conditions of supply of services and content via a website. They can help specify what is offered, how it is made available and the terms governing the contract. They can also assist in protecting your and your client’s legal position, and in particular they set out the applicable consumer cancellation rights.

Is some other template more suitable instead?

These B2C templates are only suitable for dealing with consumer clients, but there are also a number of B2B templates (for supply of certain types of online professional services to business customers) which you can see here .

The B2C templates are suitable for use when selling intangible content and services to consumers via your website. This means that you would need to use other B2C terms instead if you are selling tangible items (e.g. hard copy books or other paper items, CDs, or DVDs) via your website.

The contents of this Newsletter are for reference purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Independent legal advice should be sought in relation to any specific legal matter.

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