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Online Professional Services Website Terms of Sale (B2B)

Many types of services that are usually provided to business customers/clients face-to-face have been increasingly been made available remotely over the internet. The impact of Covid-19 restrictions has encouraged many businesses to provide their services online instead, or as an alternative, to face-to-face provision. These website terms of sale are designed to be used for provision of various types of online services.

In each case, it is assumed that the provider uses a cloud-based web conferencing platform and that services provided comprise live or recorded video streamed items. The platform used may be Zoom, but it may equally be any other platform enabling video streaming, and the templates can easily be adapted if some other platform is to be used.

Each set of terms in this subfolder has been specifically tailored to the sale and supply online of a particular type of intangible content, e.g. a consultation with an expert to obtain advice or guidance. (In contrast, the sets of terms in the accompanying Website Terms and Conditions subfolder are generic.)

The terms of each of these templates anticipate that all of the content sold via the supplier’s website will be provided by it online: no tangible items (such as books, CDs, or DVDs) will be supplied on these terms. These terms are suitable as terms for the sale of content to a business via a website but not as terms for use of the website. For terms governing the use of the website itself, please see the accompanying Website Terms and Conditions subfolder.

All of the terms in this subfolder are for use only when dealing with a client/customer who is a business customer/client. When dealing with a consumer, please see instead the templates in the accompanying Website Terms of Sale of Digital Content (B2C).

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