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Appointment of Charitable Trust Committee

Board Minutes – Appointment of a Committee by Trustees of a Charitable Trust


Charity trustees of a charitable trust have overall legal responsibility for the management and administration of the trust. It is not always practical for them to make every decision, however, and delegation of powers of the trustees often occurs in charities, large and small.

Forming a committee will allow the making of certain decisions to be delegated to it. These Board Minutes – Appointment of a Committee by Trustees of a Charitable Trust should be used when a charitable trust’s trustees wish to delegate decision making about certain matters and for that purpose they need to approve the appointment of two or more trustees so that those trustees can act as a committee of the full board of trustees.

For a charitable trust with a constitution in the form of our model Trust Deed Constitution for a Charitable Trust which you can see here, Clause 7 of that form of constitution permits delegation of the trustees’ powers to a committee of at least two trustees. This will be particularly useful if the trustee board is made up of substantially more than the minimum of three trustees (as there may be in some cases) and it is not practical for the whole board to meet.

If your trust instead has a constitution in some other form, but that constitution nevertheless includes a suitable clause allowing delegation of the trustees’ powers to a committee, these template board minutes may be used with the necessary amendments.

All of the committee members should be trustees since any decisions made by a committee of the trustees remain the responsibility of all of the trustees.

Trustees of a charitable trust deciding to delegate powers to a committee should consider which decisions should be delegated. Should the delegation cover a particular subject matter, transaction or project with a specific end date or should it be largely unlimited? These board minutes are drafted to enable you to make the necessary adjustments for the specifics of your trust’s individual situation.

The terms of reference and reporting back procedures of any committees should be laid down in writing and agreed by the full board of trustees. (All acts of a committee should be fully and promptly reported to the trustees.)

These Board Minutes - Appointment of a Committee by Trustees of a Charitable Trust are in open format. The requisite details should be inserted into the highlighted fields or the wording can be adjusted to suit your purposes. Wording in square brackets is optional. If it is required, then the brackets should be deleted and the wording within them retained. If the wording is not required, then it can be deleted.

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