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Terms and Conditions - Hardware and Software Supply (B2B)


If you wish to use this document in a scenario that involves personal data, standard clauses for data protection and data processing are available in our UK GDPR & Data Protection Group.

These Hardware and Software Terms and Conditions are designed for use in situations where both parties are acting in the course of business. These are not suitable for business to consumer transactions due to the restrictive nature of certain clauses.

These terms govern the supply of computer hardware and software along with related services which may include installation, on-site testing or support. Such terms are ideally suited to companies providing network design services and similar organisations that will use a combination of hardware, software and service.

The provisions in this document regulate the relationship between the contracting parties, covering important factors such as warranties, delivery, returns, payment and performance. The position of the supplier is protected through various measures designed to ensure that they are never left at a disadvantage by the buyer.

This template is suitable for use only where both contracting parties are based in the UK and any products to be delivered are only to be delivered in the UK. For any other case, you should take professional legal advice as to terms of agreement suitable for the circumstances.

This template is duplicated in the Sale and Supply of Goods Agreements group.

These Hardware and Software Terms and Conditions for contain the following clauses:

1. Definitions and Interpretation
2. Customer Orders
3. Price Lists
4. Quotations
5. Product Specifications
6. Hardware and Software Products
7. Delivery and Acceptance
8. Warranty
9. Return of Products
10. Title and Risk
11. Charges
12. Payment
13. Customer's Obligations
14. Performance
15. Business Associates and Delegation
16. Proprietary Rights
17. Liability
18. Cancellation of Order
19. Termination
20. Consequences of Termination
21. Intellectual Property Indemnity
22. Confidentiality
23. Health and Safety
24. Notices
25. Arbitration
26. Waiver
27. Severance
28. Variation
29. Set-Off
30. Force Majeure
31. Non Solicitation
32. Law and Jurisdiction

This document is in open format. Either enter the requisite details in the fields highlighted or adjust the wording to suit your purposes. Certain areas of text are enclosed in square brackets. These are optional and can be used or removed without any further alteration to the surrounding text.

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