Export Terms and Conditions Template

Terms and Conditions of Export


This document is under review - please therefore do not use it. It is currently not available for download on the Simply-Docs website. Once we have reviewed/amended it, it will be available for download from the Simply-Docs website. You might wish to check for it on the website in due course.

This set of Standard Terms and Conditions of Export Sales is designed for use by a seller selling goods to an overseas business. The legal relationship between buyer and seller is carefully regulated whilst ensuring that the seller is afforded comprehensive legal protections. This document has recently been updated to comply with current best practice.

This template refers to 'Incoterms' (as set out by the International Chamber of Commerce) to ensure that they are governed by standardised and internationally recognisable legal terms.

This document is duplicated in the Sale and Supply of Goods Agreements group.

These Export Terms and Conditions contain the following clauses:

1. Application
2. Interpretation
3. Incoterms
4. Basis of Sale
5. Orders and Specifications
6. Price
7. Payment
8. Delivery
9. Insurance
10. Inspection/Shortage
11. Risk and Property
12. Assignment
13. Warranties and Liability
14. Limitation of Liability
15. Buyer's Default
16. Confidentiality, Publications and Endorsements
17. Communications
18. Force Majeure
19. Buyer's duty to advise of special requirements
20. Buyer's duty to comply with import legislation and regulations
21. Waiver
22. Severance
23. ULISG 1980
24. Third Party Rights
25. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

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