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Staff Performance Appraisal Form: Part II Appraiser

Staff Performance Appraisal Form: Part II Appraiser


The Appraisal Form Part II can either be filled out by the Appraiser before or at the interview. The specific questions should have been duplicated in Part I, with the exception of discussion points etc. added by the Appraisee (and of course those raised during the appraisal).

This document is compliant with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

The form provides for the following:
1. Duties & Responsibilities
2. Discussion Points - including a column for recording discussion assessment
3. Objectives (prior year) and performance - including a column for comments
4. Capability & Knowledge - including an additional column for final score (Part I & II)
5. Objectives/Targets for next 12 months
6. Career Options and Promotion
7. Training and Development Support

This template is in fixed field format. Simply press TAB to jump from one field to the next and SHIFT + TAB to go back. Alternatively, use the mouse to click from one field to the next.

The template can be unlocked by clicking on the "Padlock" icon on the toolbar. To display the “Padlock” icon click on “View” and then “Toolbars”. From the “Toolbar” menu enable “Forms”.

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