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Stage 1 Outcome

Letter Confirming the Outcome of a Stage 1 Long-term Sickness Meeting


This letter should be used to confirm the outcome of a formal meeting under a company’s long-term sickness absence management procedure. The meeting is triggered when the employee reaches the level of absence identified in the employer’s absence management procedure.

The letter summarises what was discussed at the meeting, advises the employee that personal data will be collected in accordance with the Company’s Data Protection Policy and advises the employee that they have been issued with a first formal warning under the absence management procedure.

The letter also includes optional clauses concerning sick pay entitlement and agreed reasonable adjustments to the employee’s employment e.g. changes to the employee’s role or working hours.

Although the purpose of this long-term absence meeting is to encourage and facilitate the employee’s return to work, it is also part of a process that may later be needed to justify a dismissal as fair.

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