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Stage 1 Invitation

Invitation to a Stage 1 Long-term Sickness Absence Meeting


Long-term sickness absence is defined as any absence lasting at least 28 calendar days. For frequent sickness absences, i.e. when an employee is frequently absent from work for relatively short periods of unconnected illnesses, please see the frequent short-term absence suite of documents.

This Invitation to a Stage 1 long-term sickness absence meeting should be used to invite an employee to a formal review meeting under stage 1 of the Company’s sickness absence management procedure as part of its long-term sickness absence policy. Although the intention of this letter is to encourage and facilitate the employee’s return to work, it also forms part of a process that may later be needed to justify a fair dismissal.

The letter gives the employee the right to be accompanied to the meeting.

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the likely length of the employee’s ongoing sickness absence and what, if any, steps can be taken to assist the employee in returning to work. These adaptations may include a phased return, amended working hours or amended job duties.

The employer should consider if the meeting would be more productive or easier for the employee if it is held off-site or the employee is allowed to be accompanied by a member of their family.

An employee on long-term sickness absence may be suffering from some form of disability, which means that reasonable adjustments have to be made for them, including reasonable adjustments to any meeting arrangements. This letter asks the employee what adaptations could be made to enable them to attend the meeting.

A first stage formal warning will be issued in the review meeting and confirmed in writing. See the Letter confirming the outcome of a Stage 1 long-term sickness absence meeting.

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