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Private Members’ Club Constitutions and Other Documents

These Private Members’ Club Constitutions, Guidance Notes and CASC documents are designed for use by founders of a club in the legal form of an unincorporated association where the club is to be a “private members’ club”, i.e. ownership of the club and its assets rests with the general membership, and it is a non-profit organisation.

Three alternative club constitutions are available. The Private Members’ Club - Short Form Constitution or the Private Members’ Club - Long Form Constitution may be used or adapted for any type of sports and/or social or other club which is not intended to be and would not qualify as a Community Amateur Sports Club (“CASC”), or would not be a charity or a company. The Community Amateur Sports Club (“CASC”) Constitution is only for use for a sports club which meets the various legal requirements for a CASC.

The Guidance Note - Clubs covers various aspects of clubs, including the nature of a private members’ club, the differences between a private members’ club and a proprietary club, and the different types of legal structure which may be used as the basis of a private members’ club.

The legal requirements governing CASCs only permit a CASC to engage in certain sports; we have included the List of CASC Eligible Sports produced by the Sports Councils which are currently permitted.

None of the three forms of constitution in this subgroup is intended or should be used for a “proprietor’s club”, or a club intended to be a charity, or a club in the legal form of a company.

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