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Companies Act 2006 Registers of Directors

Registers of Directors


The Companies Act 2006 requires companies to keep two different registers relating to directors; a Register of Directors and a Register of Directors’ Residential Addresses.

The Companies Act 2006 does not draw a distinction between corporate and individual directors in terms of the register, referring simply to a ‘Register of Directors’ (section 162). However we have created separate template registers for individual and corporate directors, owing to the different disclosures requirements of each.

The Register of Directors (Individuals) only needs to contain a service address, which can be the company’s registered office. However it is compulsory to keep a register of directors’ residential addresses, which must include the usual residential address of each individual director. Any changes must be notified to Companies House. This register is not open to inspection by the public. Note that a private company may alternatively elect to keep particulars of directors and their residential addresses on the public register at Companies House. Please see our sub-folder on Keeping Registers at Companies House for more information.

More detail on which registers a company is required to keep can be found in our Company Registers & Records - What Must be Kept & Where? guidance note.

Each document in the Register of Directors Addresses Sub-folder is compliant with the Companies Act 2006.

The documents in the Register of Directors Addresses Sub-folder are part of the Corporate folder. Access all Corporate documents for £35+VAT.
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