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Non-Executive, Alternate & Associate Directors


Non-Executive, Alternate & Associate Directors can be appointed to fulfil various functions within a company. Each has a separate and distinct role within a company.

The Companies Act 2006 has no exhaustive definition of a “director”. Therefore whether or not a person is a director at law depends not so much on his/her title as the role that he/she plays. This subfolder looks at three distinct roles outside the scope of the executive director role.

  • A non-executive director who is usually appointed for their expertise and acts as a mentor or supervisor. It is often a part-time role, although he/she will be appointed in the same way as any other director and is for the purposes of company law a director;
  • An alternate director who acts in place of a director during a temporary period of absence provided the articles permit this; and
  • An associate director who is not in strict legal terms a director at all, rather a senior manager and a director of purely internal significance.

This Non-Executive, Alternate & Associate Directors subfolder contains a contract for services, letters of appointment, board minutes, a letter of resignation and the Companies House forms you may need in relation to the appointment or retirement of these directors.

Each document in the Non-Executive, Alternate & Associate Directors subfolder is compliant with the Companies Act 2006.

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