Companies House Form AP01 – Appointment of Director

CHF - AP01 – Appointment of Non-Executive/Alternate Director


This Companies House form AP01 – Appointment of Director should be used to register the appointment of either a non-executive director or an alternate director with Companies House. Where an alternate is treated as a director for the purposes of the Companies Act 2006, Companies House requires form AP01 to be completed and returned to them. Form AP01 is the form used to appoint a director generally.

A non-executive director, like any other director of a company will require his/her appointment and details notified to Companies House.

As regards an alternate director, section 250 Companies Act 2006 provides that a director includes any person occupying the position of director, by whatever name he/she is called. Therefore a person who is treated as a director, regardless of their status will be considered a director and require formal registration with Companies House. Whether an alternate will in each case require formal registration is arguable depending upon the terms of his/her appointment and the wording of the company’s articles of association. Formal legal advice should be sought if in any doubt.

This document can also be found in Samples and Free, in the Companies House Forms folder and and on Companies House website,

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This document can also be found in Samples and Free, in the Companies House Forms folder.