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Protection against Specified Hazards of Work Equipment

Protection against Specified Hazards of Work Equipment

The employer must prevent or, where prevention is not reasonably practicable, adequately control the exposure of work equipment users to:

  • any article or substance falling or being ejected from the equipment;
  • rupture or disintegration of parts of the equipment;
  • the equipment catching fire or overheating;
  • the unintended or premature discharge of any article, or of any gas, dust, liquid, vapour or other substance, which is produced, used or stored in the equipment;
  • the unintended or premature explosion of the equipment or any article or substance produced, used or stored in it.

In meeting these requirements the employer must include:

  • where appropriate, measures to minimise the effects of the hazards as well as measures to reduce the likelihood of the hazard occurring;
  • so far as is reasonably practicable, measures other than personal protective equipment or information, instruction, training and supervision.

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