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Isolation of Work Equipment from Energy Sources

Isolation of Work Equipment from Energy Sources

The employer must ensure that, where appropriate, work equipment is provided with suitable, clearly identifiable and readily accessible means to isolate it from all its sources of energy.

The employer must take appropriate measures to ensure that re-connection of any energy source to work equipment does not expose any user of the equipment to any health or safety risk.

The main aim of these requirements is to allow equipment to be made safe under particular circumstances, such as during maintenance or when an unsafe condition arises (such as component failure, overheating, pressure build up, etc.).

In cases where isolation would create danger, such as when the power supply is helping to keep the equipment safe, it will be necessary to take appropriate measures to overcome the conflict. For example if isolation of an overheating item would turn off the cooling fan and thus increase the danger, the employer's risk assessment may conclude that separate power supplies are needed to the item and to the cooling fan.

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