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Giving References

Policy on Giving References


This Policy on Giving References sets down the Company’s policy on handling reference requests in respect of former or current employees and covers employment references and other references, such as those from banks and building societies.

Employers are not legally required to give a reference but a refusal to provide a reference may be problematic for the employee or ex-employee. In providing references, the Company is under a duty of care to both the employer who is requesting the reference and the employee/ex-employee who is the subject of the reference.

Employers must be consistent in their approach to giving references and ensure that any reference given for a current or past employee is factual, true, fair, accurate and not misleading.

This policy covers the following areas:

  • Introduction;
  • Receiving a reference request;
  • Content of the reference;
  • Dealing with further enquiries from the prospective employer;
  • Dealing with other types of reference request; and
  • Data Protection and Confidentiality.
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