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Building Site Induction Documents

All construction works come under the remit of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015). Smaller building companies need to make sure they are complying with their obligations under CDM 2015 by carrying out and recording site inductions and other inspections. 

The forms in this subfolder have been written to help the smaller builders keep their site workers safe by having good induction practices on site. Using these forms properly should help building companies to keep up to date with their compliance obligations and to demonstrate that they are doing so – if they have a visit from the HSE.

The forms include a Building Site Induction Checklist detailing issues to cover in a site induction, forms to show that your site workers have attended the induction and Daily Signing-In Sheets to show who is on site at any time, including any visitors.

In addition, there is a weekly Scaffold Inspection Register, used to record the checks on your scaffolding as well as what remedial actions are needed.

The Hot Work Permit form is for use where work is to be undertaken using equipment producing heat or having naked flames.

Finally, if you do have an accident or incident there is a simple to use Accident or Incident Report Form to record the details of who was injured, where they were taken for treatment, etc.

All of the forms except for the Accident or Incident Report Form should be kept readily available for visiting inspectors.

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