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Permits to Work - Hot Works, Confined Spaces, Electro/Mechanical

A permit-to-work is a formal recorded process used to control work which is identified as potentially hazardous. The objective is to ensure that proper consideration is given to the risks of a particular job. 

It is also a means of communication between site management / plant supervisors / operators, and those who carry out the hazardous work. The permit is a detailed document which authorises certain people to carry out specific work at a specific site at a certain time. It sets out the main precautions needed to complete the job safely.

The templates in this permit-to-work folder have been professionally written for sole traders, partnerships or small companies working within the building industry.

High risk activities which could require a permit-to-work include:

  • ‘Hot works’ (any work generating heat, for example, welding, grinding, using a blow torch). 
  • Working in a confined space (a place which is substantially enclosed, such as a storage tank or an enclosed drain, where serious injury can occur from hazardous substances or conditions within the space or nearby, for example, a lack of oxygen).
  • Working on live electricity or inside a machine. 

The permits are important documents - they need to be issued by a competent and trained person before any hazardous work is commenced. Assessing the risks and following the correct procedures, such as locking off machinery to prevent unauthorised persons switching it on while you are inside, or making sure you have the correct breathing apparatus and a rescue plan for the confined space you are entering, may save a business a significant amount of money, by helping to avoid accidents and injuries. 

Copies of the permit-to-work should be displayed at the work site, and in the central or main control room.

It is suggested that you also refer to the relevant “Toolbox Talk”  - Toolbox Talk -  Fire Safety which you can find  here.

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