Part Time Employment Offer Letter Templates

Part-time Offer Letters

It is a good practice to supply an offer letter together with an employment contract to confirm the offer of employment, job title, work place, remuneration and proposed start date. 

The Part-time Offer Letters sub-folder contains employment offer letters that have been designed to accompany the relevant employment contract. The Part-time Offer Letters include a paragraph which requires the employee to provide evidence of their legal right to work in the UK, and asks new joiners to bring in identity documents and their P45 when they start their employment.

The Part-time Offer Letters ask employees to advise the employer of any medical conditions, allergies, or disabilities that they have. This is so that the employer can consider any potential reasonable adjustments that it may be appropriate for the employer to make in line with provisions under the Equality Act 2010.

Part-time Employment Offer Letters are part of the Employment document folder. Get access to all of these documents only for £35+VAT.