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Retail and Sales Staff Employment Agreements

Employment Contracts for Sales Staff

From 6 April 2020, there are new rules on what must be included in a written statement for new starters and pre-existing employees will be able to request a written statement that complies with the new rules. These contracts comply with these requirements and must be provided to the employee or worker by day one of employment.

These contracts include clauses which have been tailored to the sales and retail environment.

The Sales Representative and Sales Manager contracts all include a Schedule of Restrictive Covenants providing enhanced protection for the employer; the restrictive covenants are designed to protect the employer’s legitimate business interests, for example, confidential customer information. Employees are contracted to show a signed copy of the Restrictive Covenants Schedule to future employers so that those prospective employers are fully aware of the contractually agreed limitations on "poaching" customers, transactions and staff.

The Retail Assistant Employment Contract and the fixed term version both include clauses which have been specifically tailored to a retail environment. For example, there is reference to a staff rota, working outside normal retail opening hours to assist in preparation and closure of the business, and appropriate rest breaks.

An employment contract is made as soon as the employment offer is accepted.

These Employment Contract templates for Sales Staff are part of the Employment Document Folder. Access to all the documents in this Folder is available for only £35.00 + VAT.

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