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Employment Agreement for Sales Manager (No Car Version) Template

Sales Manager Employment Contract (No Car)


This Sales Manager Employment Contract No Car is intended for use for Sales Managers with management responsibility for a particular sales territory, where a car/car allowance is not part of the benefits package.

This Employment Contract covers the requirements of a Standard Form Section One Statement. This contract complies with these requirements and must be provided to the employee or worker by day one of employment.

The Pension Act 2014 has introduced a new state pension for people reaching state pension age on or after 6 April 2016, replacing the previous basic state pension and additional state pension and ending contracting out for defined-benefit schemes. This template has been updated accordingly with the removal of the clause referring to the contracting out certificate.

This contract has been updated to include a new Schedule of Restrictive Covenants providing enhanced protection for the employer; the restrictive covenants are designed to protect the employer’s legitimate business interests, for example, confidential customer information. Employees are contracted to show a signed copy of the Restrictive Covenants Schedule to future employers so that those prospective employers are fully aware of the contractually agreed limitations on "poaching" customers, transactions and staff.

The Schedule to this contract contains three possible restrictive covenants; non-competition, non-solicitation of customers and non-solicitation of employees. Restrictive covenants must be no wider than is necessary to protect your “legitimate business interests”. Please consider each restrictive covenant carefully, and remove any that are not relevant to your particular business and to the employee in question. For those remaining, insert time limits and geographical limits that are appropriate and reasonable to the nature of your business. Please note that if the schedule is tailored to match the particular employee it is more likely to be deemed reasonable and therefore more likely to be enforceable.

The Sales Manager Employment Contract No Car contains a clause for the provision of a laptop and company credit card.

This contract includes a payment in lieu of notice (a ‘PILON’) on termination, rather than having the Manager work out his or her notice period either at home on garden leave or in the workplace. The payment in lieu clause enables the Employer to require the Manager not to work during his notice period, whilst retaining the validity of employee covenants.

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