Template Documents For Starting Up A Charity

Charity Administration (Ongoing and Start-up) Documents

These Charity Administration (Ongoing and Start-up) Documents provide a range of templates, guidance notes, and other supporting documents for those planning to set up a new charity, or already running a charity. They are designed to help you run your charity properly and efficiently, and to save you time. 

Various legal requirements (under charity, trust, and/or or company law) apply when a group of people decide to set up and run a charity. The particular legal requirements will depend on the type of legal structure chosen for the new charity. Once the charity is up and running, you will also need a range of documents to deal with its day to day activities and for its administration.

The first step for founders of a new charity is to consider whether what they intend to set up will in law amount to a charity. It is essential for founders to clarify this at the outset where they intend the new organisation to have charitable status. We recommend that they read our Guidance Notes – What Makes An Organisation A Charity In Law in this subfolder.

The next step is to choose a suitable legal structure and an appropriate form of constitution. We have a range of constitution document templates in our Charity Constitution Document Templates subfolder. At the same time, charities will need to complete the two Trustee Forms which we have included in this subfolder.

Once the charity has adopted its chosen constitution, it should consider what other steps need to be taken in order to run the charity. To assist charities in their compliance with the law and minimising their legal risk in the day to day running of the charity, we have included a variety of documents and guides in this Charity Administration (Ongoing and Start-up) Documents subfolder.

We recommend that all founders and trustees of charities consider the detailed guidance notes and their accompanying document descriptions in this subfolder, and in particular, we suggest that they read our Guidance Note - Formalities Required On Business Documents Used By Charities, since it is a criminal offence for a charity not to include on its day to day business documents the information set out in this guidance note.

If a charity is intending to be involved in any fundraising, we recommend that they read the Guidance Note - Volunteer Charity Fundraising Groups, the Guidance Note: Fundraising Appeals by Charities - Suitable Wording for Appeals and the Guidance Note - Public Charitable Collections: Charity Officers Acting As Fundraisers in this subfolder.

If a charity intends to engage a Professional Fundraiser or Commercial Participator or Event Sponsor, we recommend that they first read the information pages on those subjects in the relevant Charity and Non-Profit subfolders. Various relevant agreement templates accompany those pages.

Charities would be well advised to consider adopting a complaints procedure, in particular where they provide services or activities for beneficiaries, and so we have included two forms of Complaint Procedure and an accompanying Guidance Note.

The Charity Commission recommends that charities adopt a conflict of interest policy. We have included two forms of Conflict of Interest Policy, one for CIOs and one for Charitable Companies Limited by Guarantee.

These Charity Administration (Ongoing and Start-up) Documents are part of the Corporate Documents Folder. Just £35.00 + VAT will provide you with 1 year's unlimited access to download all/any documents from the Corporate Folder.