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Register of Trustees Interests for CIO

Register of Trustees’ Interests for Charitable Incorporated Organisation


Since trustees of a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIOs) are required by charity law to avoid any conflict of interest, the Charity Commission states that CIO trustees should draw up a conflict of interest policy to suit the needs of their CIO, and it also recommends that CIO trustees establish a register of interests. In recording all their other interests openly, any actual or potential conflicts of interest can be identified more easily by individual trustees and the trustee body. The register of interests should be regularly updated.

This Register of Trustees’ Interests for a CIO is set out in the form of a table that may be kept by the CIO’s secretary or administrator to outline the nature of interests that each trustee holds, including relevant dates. Maintaining this type of record makes it easier for CIOs to monitor interests that may potentially give rise to future conflicts.

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