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Charity Volunteer Expenses Claim Form


This Charity Volunteer Expenses Claim Form is a template for use by a charity which reimburses any type of expenses incurred by its volunteers. It can be adapted and used by any charity which engages volunteers.

This form is relatively detailed but where a charity needs only a simpler document e.g. where the types of expenses that are incurred by its volunteers are likely to be quite limited, it can easily be simplified by making appropriate deletions.

This template is designed to work in conjunction with a written volunteers’ expenses policy such as the accompanying Charity Volunteer Expenses Policy template. That form is cross-referenced to this form. Full details of the types of expense claimable and the time within which they will be paid to volunteers can be set out in that policy and a copy made readily available to all volunteers.

As a general rule it is strongly recommended that charities reimburse their volunteers for all expenses properly incurred by them in the course of their volunteering activities so as to ensure that they are not out of pocket as a result of their volunteering activities.. It is also recommended that charities ensure that they have a process for reimbursing expenses claims very soon after they are submitted.

A suitable expenses reimbursement policy can assist the charity to attract and maintain volunteers, especially in times of rising travel and other costs. Without such a policy and also an adequate process to enable full and prompt reimbursement of expenses, prospective volunteers might be unwilling or unable to offer their time to your charity. In particular, If your charity does not reimburse expenses for travel to and from home to the charity’s premises, this may well be a problem where any potential volunteers do not live very near the location where they would be carrying out their volunteering.

A separate Charity Trustees Expenses Claim Form is also available. There is also a separate Charity Employees Expenses Claim Form available.

This template is in open format. Either enter the requisite details in the highlighted fields or adjust the wording to suit your purposes.

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