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Avoid Getting Sued

When you run a small business the last thing that you need to happen is to get sued by a disgruntled supplier, customer, or employee. That is why it is super important to ensure that you have the necessary legal structure in place to support you if such an awful situation arises. If you are starting up a new business you will no ... Continue reading

Importance of Legal Contracts

It is well known that all companies are required to use business documents if they want to stay in legal operation. After all, if you don’t protect your business against false claims you probably aren’t fit to be running a company in the first place. However, there is confusion about the many different types of business document ... Continue reading

Things to Consider When Running a Business

If you are considering whether to start a new business in 2013, it can be slightly overwhelming when you realise all the things that you have to think about. The British Chamber of Commerce website has highlighted a larger than expected rise of new businesses in the last 18 months. Running your own business requires a lot of har ... Continue reading

Settlement Agreements

A new Acas Code of Practice on Settlement Agreements was introduced on 29th July 2013. One of the main changes – other than Compromise Agreements now being called Settlement Agreements – is that employers can now conduct pre-termination negotiations without having to worry about employees referring to these conver ... Continue reading

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