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The Importance of Having Suitably Comprehensive Employment Contracts

If you run your own small business then you will (hopefully) know that you are obliged to provide all of your employees with a ‘statement of terms’ (i.e. a contract) within two months of their start date. Like many other small business owners however, you may not have an overly extensive knowledge of how to go about sorting contracts out and ensuring all of the legal technicalities are suitably taken care of.

Of course, a quick look on Google will soon show you that there are plenty of free employment contracts available to download from the Internet. However, whilst these documents may initially appear comprehensive enough, they do not always cover the important aspects which you as an employer require.

Fortunately we here at Simply-docs can help in this respect as, whilst our contracts, templates and other employment documents are not free, they are guaranteed to provide you with everything you will possibly need.
Comprehensive Contracts

A comprehensive contract of employment is one that enables you to clearly specify an employee’s duties and responsibilities. This is important as it ensures employees know exactly what is expected of them.

At the very least, a comprehensive employment contract template needs to include:
• Names of the Parties
• Employment Contract Start Date
• Employee’s Job Title and Description
• Place of Work
• Hours of Work
• Probationary Period
• Salary
• Assessments
• Deductions
• Expenses
• Holidays
• Sickness & Disability
• Pension
• Notice
• Restrictive Covenants
• Grievance and Disciplinary Procedure
• Retirement
• Severability
• Prior Agreements
• Jurisdiction
• Particulars of Employment
Simply-docs Contracts and Templates
Our Employment sub-folder contains a wide selection of up-to-date contracts and templates (all of which have been updated from the 6th April 2011 to allow for the removal of the Default Retirement Age). The legal contracts and templates we offer cover a wide range of employees’ responsibilities and duties so you will find that they can be can be applied to your company’s own particular needs immediately or with just a little bit of simple editing.

All of our contracts and templates have been drafted by an expert team of lawyers and HR professionals so you can rest assured that any documents you choose to purchase from us will address the specific needs of the roles they represent, as well as the staff seniorities which are implied in the titles of the contracts.

In addition to employee contracts and templates, you may also find our Staff Handbook Policies to be an invaluable investment as these can provide your company with all of the employment policies and documents required to manage your employees and help to ensure you comply fully with all current employment regulations.

To find out more about our downloadable documents, contracts and templates, and view relevant samples of our high-quality offerings in greater detail, simply take a few moments to explore the contents of the Employment sub-folder here on our web pages.

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