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  Current:Founder and MD of Simply-4-Business Ltd, t/a Simply-docs.co.ukExperience:20 years experience in the financial sector structuring and negotiating transactions, and 15 years in online legal document publishing Area of Expertise:Business, Employment and Company Law, and Online MarketingEducation:L ... Continue reading

Five Reasons Why Document Services Could be in Greater Demand Over the Next Few Months

UK businesses need access to a wide range of business documents throughout the year, but there are certain times when that need is greater than usual. Here we present five reasons why document services businesses may experience a surge in demand over the coming months.#1 – Letters from HMRCNovember 5th is the date from which emp ... Continue reading

Benefits Of Using Document Templates

Like many other business owners, you may well have heard about the advantages of using downloadable document templates. Indeed, you may well have heard how templates of this kind enable users to create professional documents that have a unified and cohesive appearance. You may even know that templates used for these purposes can ... Continue reading

Sifting Through the Various Legal Templates You May Need to Download

Anyone starting up a business, whether big or small, will need to get their hands on certain legal forms. Downloading legal templates is one of the best ways to sift through the various documents. A website offering you access to templates 24/7 for a one-off fee is often the cheapest way to obtain the documents vital to you, not ... Continue reading

Five Legal Documents Essential for Any Company

Every business will need certain legal documents. This is basically so the owner or those in charge can set out the operation of the business, along with having protection for it and its employees. So, with this in mind here are five legal documents that are generally essential for any company.Employee contractsThese types of le ... Continue reading

The Various Types of Business Document Templates Available

When starting your own business, there are 101 things that you need to run it efficiently and within the law. One of these is access to various types of business documents and templates and one of the easiest ways to have access is through a website that offers them. It saves time and money if thousands of different document tem ... Continue reading

Benefits to choosing document templates online

If you are considering going into business or have just started then you may be pleased to know that you can download business related document templates online. There are many benefits to taking out membership with a company offering quality templates, and here we look at just some of them.Gain access to virtually hundreds of b ... Continue reading

Make sure you keep up to date with business documents

It doesn’t really matter if you are providing services or you are obtaining them for business; there is no getting away from the fact that you have to keep up to date with the latest business documents.Why terms of business are so importantA terms of business template can help you to set out rules about your services for any pot ... Continue reading

Different types of business documents available

The type of business documents that your firm uses will be dependent on the type of sector in which you operate. However, there are some documents that most businesses will be able to use. Here we take a look at some of the many different types of documents that you may need for your business:Business plans along with business g ... Continue reading

Choosing and using legal templates

Purchasing ready-made legal templates can save a company a lot of time. There is no shortage of professional templates available online and they are generally offered for a wide range of business aspects; you can generally come across anything from service agreements to terms and conditions.A cost effective solution – unlimited ... Continue reading

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