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Why it is Vital to Have Well Designed Job Application Forms

Like most other employers these days, you may well rely on employment application forms to gather consistent information about prospective employees. Indeed, job application forms (unlike CVs and cover letters) enable you to receive information in a truly uniform format and compare applicant credentials efficiently and impartially, thereby ensuring your entire recruitment process remains swift and fair for all involved.

Quite simply, a well designed job application form really is invaluable when it comes to recruiting new workers as it enables you to ask every applicant the same questions.
Yet this is not all.

To be sure, there are also a number other very significant reasons why it makes sense to use employment application forms rather than CVs and cover letters.

Truly Pertinent Information

Job application forms allow you to gather information about an applicant’s credentials which they may not include on a CV or cover letter. For example, potential candidates may well choose to gloss over details about previous convictions or why they abruptly left their previous employer when they apply for a post by CV; however, they will have no choice but to declare all pertinent information when they fill out a well designed application form.

Peace of Mind

Employment application forms also enable you to obtain an applicant’s signature which attests all of the information they have provided is true. More often than not, this signature will also afford you the right (as a potential employer) to check the veracity of the data which an applicant has provided, such as their employment history, education history, training qualifications, and so forth. In an age when job hunting is getting increasingly mercenary, false information (such as phantom qualifications, exaggerated job descriptions and inaccurate dates of employment) on application forms is becoming more and more common. Having the capability to verify data is invaluable as it gives you peace of mind that the individual you are thinking of hiring really does have all of the attributes, experience, skills and qualifications they claim to have.

So, how do you go about creating the perfect application form?
Well, whilst there are a number of methods available to you, undoubtedly the quickest and most efficient approach is to download an application form template from us here at Simply-docs.


Unlike most of the free application form template downloads which are now available on the Internet, the high-quality templates we offer here at Simply-docs have been designed by expert legal teams and HR professionals; therefore they are guaranteed to draw out all of the pertinent information which you as an employer need to be privy to. Moreover, all of our forms are compliant with current employment legislation so you can rest assured your recruitment processes will adhere fully to The Equality Act 2010 when you download our offerings.

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