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Example Warning Notice to End Occupation Contract Due to Abandonment RHW27


This Example Warning Notice to End Occupation Contract Due to Abandonment RHW27 provides guidance on how to complete the Welsh Government’s prescribed notice and includes guidance notes on the termination process, details of notice periods and methods of service. 

Form RHW27 should be used by landlords or letting agents where a sole contract-holder is believed to have abandoned a residential dwelling and the landlord wishes to recover possession.  The ground may only be used where the occupation contract contains an express provision that the contract-holder must occupy the dwelling as his or her only or principal home. This is not standard in the Welsh Government’s model written statements.

Provided the landlord has carried out suitable investigations to establish abandonment, Form RHW27 can be served informing the contract-holder that the landlord will end the contract for abandonment at least four weeks later (“the warning period”).  If no response is received from the contract-holder and the landlord remains satisfied that the contract-holder has abandoned the dwelling during and at the end of the warning period, the landlord can issue a further notice RHW28 on the day the property is repossessed bringing the contract to an end without the need for a court order.  Copy notices should be provided to any lodger or sub-holder of a contract-holder.

NB: For joint contract-holders Forms RHW29 and RHW30 should be used. 

The prescribed forms should be used to ensure compliance with s220-224 Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 .

For more information see the Guidance on Terminating Standard Occupation Contracts.

This form and others referred to are available from the Welsh Government’s website.

Crown copyright in this prescribed form is acknowledged and contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

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