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Possession claims under Renting Homes Wales

Guidance on Terminating Standard Occupation Contracts


The Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 (‘the Act’) comes into force on the 01 December 2022 and will fundamentally change the way a landlord can regain possession of a private rented dwelling in Wales.

A landlord or letting agent (acting on behalf of the landlord) will no longer be able to serve a possession notice using section 21 or section 8 under the Housing Act 1988 in respect of occupation contracts in Wales. There will still be an ability to evict on a ‘no-fault’ basis, but only where the contract is periodic.

This guidance provides an overview of how a fixed term or periodic standard occupation contract can be terminated with a court order. The guidance also contains a helpful summary table of possession claims, looking at the grounds for possession, whether the grounds are mandatory or discretionary, and the notice periods which apply for making a possession claim on each ground.

The guidance also looks at how standard occupation contracts can be terminated without a court order.

Different procedures will apply for terminating converted contracts. At the time of writing, further legislation is expected which will cover this in further detail. We will review and update this guidance (if necessary) in line with any supplementary legislation.

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