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Office Risk Assessment Form - Visual Display Unit (VDU)


This Office Risk Assessment Form - VDU can be used by an employer to carry out a risk assessment of VDU and other display screen equipment workstations that are used by the business’ employees and any self-employed workers for the business.

The employer must carry out a suitable and sufficient risk assessment of display screen equipment used by employees for the business and the employer’s duty also extends to, for example, an employee working from home who provides their own equipment, or an employee working at a customer's premises using equipment provided by the customer.

Where the employer has five or more staff, he must record any risk assessment (or revision of it) unless no significant risks are identified.

This Visual Display Unit Risk Assessment Form can be used for individual employees or a general review of DSE which should be carried out, for instance when the following occurs:

- a major change to software used;

- a major change to the hardware;

- a major change in workstation furniture;

- a substantial increase in employer requirements, such as speed, accuracy or volume of work;

- if the workstation is relocated; or

- if the lighting is significantly modified.

Typical health and safety problems which the employer should be looking for when assessing and reducing risks include:

- postural problems, causing back & neck complaints and/or repetitive strain injury (RSI);

- visual problems;

- fatigue and stress.

Any actions identified by the DSE Risk Assessment Form can be monitored and reviewed by using the Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment Action Plan. Specific hazards may be further assessed using the Single Hazard Risk Assessment Form.

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