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Display Screen Equipment Work Eyesight Tests

Record Of Eyesight Tests - Display Screen Equipment Work


The Display Screen Equipment Questionnaire form should be used to identify a user of display screen equipment work who may experience visual difficulties and who has not having requested an eyesight test before.

Employees are entitled to an eyesight test on request if they will soon be required by their employer to use display screen equipment as a significant part of their work, or if they already use such equipment as a significant part of their work.

Requests For Eyesight Tests:

The employer must ensure that any employee who requests an eyesight test and is entitled to one is provided with an appropriate eye and eyesight test by an optician or other competent person.

As regards a request from an employee who will become a user, the employer must arrange for the eyesight test to be carried out before their work changes to involve habitual use of display screen equipment.

Where an existing user requests an eyesight test, the employer must arrange for it as soon as practicable.

Provision Of Regular Eyesight Tests/Record:

The employer must, except where the employee objects, arrange for regular eyesight tests and records after provision of the requested eye and eyesight test. The optician or other competent person can advise on the nature and regularity of tests for individual employees.

Corrective Appliances:

The employer must ensure that the employee is provided with special glasses or other corrective appliances where the requested eyesight test, or one of the periodic tests, shows these are needed for display screen work and normal glasses etc cannot be used.

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