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Risk Assessment Form Template for Workstations

Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment Form


This Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Risk Assessment Form has been updated to reflect the changes in IT equipment over the past few years.

As an employer you must carry out a risk assessment of the desk or workstation of each of your employees. This assessment needs to look at the IT equipment each individual is using, but also the environment in which they are working. The way people work has changed and many workers now use laptops or tablets instead of desktop PCs with bulky monitors. So your DSE assessment needs to take this into account.

The form includes sections about the following:

· the screen or monitor your staff use;

· where the employees are working;

· the size and height of the desk;

· the suitability of the chair and whether it is standard or something specialist such as a saddle chair;

· the artificial light and sunlight in the working area;

· the temperature factor and ventilation;

· noise levels in the working environment.

This Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment Form has been written to prompt you to look at the workplace as a whole.

There is space on the form for you to fill in any actions that are needed, so you should not need to use extra documents, all you need is on this form.

This document is in open format. Either enter the requisite details in the highlighted fields or adjust the wording to suit your purposes.

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