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Office Risk Assessment Action Plan


This Office Risk Assessment Action Plan should be used to record and monitor the actions to be taken in respect of hazards and risks identified by the completion of the Office Risk Assessment.

This Office Action Plan should be used in conjunction with the Office Risk Assessment Form. Completion of the Action Plan is an important step in the management of the hazards and risks in the workplace.

On completion of the forms relevant information from the column entitled “Further controls/actions” should be transferred onto this Office Action Plan. The relevant risk assessment reference number (RA Ref No.) and the hazard number (Hz No.) from the risk assessment should track through to the Office Action Plan and should be noted in the first column of the Action Plan entitled “RA No.”. As with the blank Risk Assessment form we have shown one line completed to illustrate the flow of information from the risk assessment form to the action plan.

The Office Action Plan details who within the company is responsible for actioning each remedy that the risk assessment has highlighted. The Action Plan details what work is needed, who will organise/do the work, how important the work is (utilising the priority key at the bottom of the Action Plan) and gives a definite timescale for the remedial actions.

There is a box on the form for the insertion of the completion date of each action, enabling the employer to easily check on progress.

If there are only a few hazards/actions from each risk assessment form, then it may only be necessary to use one Action Plan.

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