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Additional Paternity Leave templates (Adoption within Great Britain)

Paternity Leave Documents (Adoption)

This set of Paternity Leave Documents (Adoption) contains paternity leave policies for adoption both within Great Britain and overseas, as well as a Paternity Leave Request Form (Adopted Child).

The Paternity Leave Policy (Adoption within Great Britain) sets out the rights of an employee to take ordinary paternity leave and shared parental leave in respect of the adoption of a child within Great Britain, while the Paternity Leave Policy (Adoption from Overseas) sets out these rights in respect of the adoption of a child from outside of the UK.

Our Paternity Leave Request Form (Adopted Child) can be used in order to give employees the means to request paternity leave and pay in respect of a child adopted from within the UK.

See also the separate Shared Parental Leave subfolder.

There are different procedural requirements when adopting from overseas and when adopting from within Great Britain, so it is important that the correct documentation is used.

Paternity Leave Documents (Adoption) are part of the Employment document folder. Get access to all of these documents for only £35+VAT.
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