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County Court Forms: Debt Claims

Debt Collection - County Court Claim Forms


The following County Court Forms are all available free on the relevant Government website.

They are also available free in our Business folder (in "Taking Legal Action" under the "Debt Recovery" group of documents). By clicking on the appropriate title below, you will reach the relevant page in our Business folder.

Further, if you click here you will reach our Guidance Note: Debt Recovery and Legal Action which you can read if you subscribe to our Business folder. The Guidance Note runs through possible courses of action when debts are outstanding, it takes you through the debt recovery legal process step by step, and it signposts the relevant documents in our Debt Recovery subfolder. The Debt Recovery subfolder also contains numerous letter templates which you can use to progress the debt recovery process.

County Court Claim Form - Form N1

Notes Relating to Form N1 for Claimant - Form N1A

Form N225 - County Court Form Requesting Judgment and Reply to AdmissionForm 

Form N227 - County Court Form Requesting Judgment in Default

Form N316 – County Court Application Form for Questioning Individual Debtor

Form N316A – County Court Application for Questioning Corporate Debtor

Form N323 – County Court Form Requesting Warrant of Control

Form N337 – County Court Form Requesting Attachment of Earnings Order

Form N349 – County Court Application Form for Third Party Debt Order 










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