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Fire Prevention Measures

Measures for fire prevention are just as important as safety measures in the event of fire. The enforcing authority will require fire risk assessments and safety arrangements to cover fire precautions which prevent fire just as it will require coverage of fire precautions designed to protect people in the event of fire.

Fire prevention measures may need to include matters such as:

  • Security provisions to help prevent wilful fire raising and arson;
  • Prohibition on smoking;
  • Positioning of heat sources to prevent contact with combustible material;
  • Systems of work to prevent accumulation of easily ignitable rubbish or paper;
  • Control of contractors or employees using blowlamps, cutting or welding equipment;
  • Risk assessment and control in the purchasing of articles and substances to avoid the introduction of fire hazards where possible;
  • Risk assessment and control for the use of articles and substances which pose fire hazards to avoid the manifestation of fire risks;
  • Maintenance programmes for electrical wiring and appliances;
  • Temperature control that avoids need for portable heaters or coolers;
  • Design or positioning of heaters, machinery or office equipment so that ventilators cannot be obstructed;
  • Adequate cleaning of work areas;
  • Adequate supervision of cooking facilities;
  • Special engineering solutions, such as to make it impossible for a fire to begin or take hold by controlling the presence of oxygen, fuel or energy. These three components, the so-called 'fire triangle', are the three prerequisites for fire.

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