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Signs for Escape Routes and Emergency Exits in the Workplace

Signs for Escape Routes and Emergency Exits

These signs are used to show the location of emergency exits and the emergency routes for reaching the exits. The signs must:

  • be rectangular or square in shape;
  • show a white pictogram (which may include an arrow) on a green background;
  • not show only a directional arrow (except for any 'This Way' signs which may be used to supplement emergency escape signs);
  • have at least 50% of their area green (thus the white of the pictogram and any words included must take up no more than half the area);
  • must not bear text only, but must include a pictogram of a running man;
  • be located in all places as determined by the employer's risk assessment (for which fire authority agreement must be sought if the premises are covered by a fire certificate that specifies different locations);
  • be adequately illuminated (including by emergency lighting where necessary).

Signs containing symbols or pictograms which conform to BS 5499 (Fire Safety Signs, Notices and Graphic Symbols) will satisfy the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 provided they continue to fulfil their purpose effectively.

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