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Template Privacy Notices For Existing Employees, Contractors, Interviewees and Workers.

Employment Contracts and Privacy Notices

Under the UK's data protection legislation, consisting primarily of the UK GDPR (the retained EU law version of the EU GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018, data subjects (in this context, employees, contractors, and so forth) must be furnished with a range of information. This privacy information is best presented in a document known as a Privacy Notice, Privacy Policy, Privacy Statement, or similar.

This subfolder contains a number of different privacy notice templates for use in different contexts within HR and employment.

Our range of Employment Contract templates, listed here, include data protection clauses which refer directly to such documents.

Full Time Contracts of Employment;

Part Time Employment Agreements;

Managers Employment Contracts;

Employment Contracts for Sales Staff;

Directors' Service Contracts and

Pubs and Restaurant Employment Contracts.

These Data Protection Documents are part of the Employment Documents Folder. Just £35.00 + VAT will provide you with 1 year's unlimited access to download all/any documents from the Employment Folder.
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