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Probationary Periods Policy


Employers are not legally required to use probationary periods for employees who are new to their roles, but they are useful management tools in ensuring that the new employee has the skills required to carry out the role to which he or she has been appointed.

This Probationary Periods Policy sets out how probationary periods will be used by the employer. This policy includes the following sections:

1. Introduction

2. Length of probation

3. Terms of employment during the probationary period

4. Reviews during probationary period

5. End of the probationary period

6. Termination of employment

This template policy assumes that the employee’s line manager will have responsibility for managing the probationary period.

At the end of the probationary period, the employee may be confirmed in post, their employment may be terminated, or the probationary period may be extended. This Probationary Periods Policy explains the process to be followed in respect of each outcome.

It is important for employers to ensure that the final probationary period review meeting is held at, or before, the end of the stated probationary period. If the meeting does not take place by then, the employee's appointment will be confirmed by default.

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