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Probationary Period Review Form


This Probationary Period Review Form is to be used at the final review meeting, at which it is decided if the employee is to be confirmed in post. The final review meeting must be held on or before the end of the agreed probationary period or, technically, the employee's appointment will be confirmed by default.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires employers to comply with principles for processing personal data, including being transparent by providing information to employees about personal data that they hold and how it is used. As far as documentation concerning the probationary period is concerned, this information will usually be provided by means of an employee privacy notice issued at the start of employment.

Although there is no legal requirement for employers to use probationary periods for employees who are new to their roles, a well-structured probationary period is an extremely useful management tool.

The Probationary Period Review Form helps the manager to gather objective evidence as to whether or not the employee should be confirmed in post, by rating his/her performance in key areas.

If the employee's performance is satisfactory, a letter of confirmation of appointment should be sent to the employee. If the employee's performance has not been up to the required standard, then the manager can either extend the probationary period or terminate employment. The form requires the manager to give specific reasons for their decision. If the probationary period is to be extended, then the level of improvement required and the timescale for this improvement must be specified.

If the employee is not confirmed in post, follow up letters must be sent out and useful template letters can be found in this sub-folder entitled “Effective Handling of Probationary Periods”.

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