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Appointment of a Company Director

How is a Company Director Appointed?


This Guidance Note, How to Appoint a Company Director and the related documents listed below, deal with the different types of directors in a company, the appointment of a director and directors’ service contracts.

This Guidance Note (which is part of a series of guidance notes for the Company Secretary) covers the following:-

• Types of Director
• Number of Directors / Sole Directors
• Appointment of a Director
• New Director – Checklist of Practical Issues to Address
• Directors’ Service Contracts
• Duration of Directors’ Service Contracts
• How to Obtain Shareholder Approval of Long Term Service Contracts
• Inspection of Directors’ Service Contracts
• Tax Status of Company Directors

How to Appoint a Company Director refers the user to other documents, including letters appointing associate and alternate directors, various company registers, board minutes, and resolutions, Companies House documents, Director’s Offer Letter and several versions of the Director’s Service Contract. These documents can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

1. Letter Appointing Associate Director (CO.CA.DIR.09)
2. Letter of Appointment of Alternate Director (CO.CA.DIR.03)
3. Register Of Directors (Individuals) (CO.REG.01.DUP)
4. Register Of Directors’ Residential Addresses (CO.REG.03.DUP)
5. Board minutes – appointment of directors (CO.CA.DIR.02)
6. Shareholders’ ordinary resolution – appointment of director (CO.CA.DIR.01)
7. Companies House Form - appointment of a director ( CH-AP01 / CH-AP02 )
8. Director’s Service Contract – Fixed Salary (without PILON) (CO.CA.DIR.20)
9. Director’s Service Contract – Fixed Salary (with PILON) (CO.CA.DIR.18)
10. Director’s Service Contract – Bonus Share Option (without PILON) (CO.CA.DIR.21)
11. Director’s Service Contract - Bonus Share Option (with PILON) (CO.CA.DIR.19)
12. Directors Employment Offer Letter (EMP.RE.02.12)

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