Termination of Director’s Appointment

How is a Director removed from office?


This Guidance Note and the related documents listed below deal with the termination of a director’s appointment, whether this is by resignation or removal by the shareholders.

This Guidance Note (which is part of a series of guidance notes for the Company Secretary) covers the following:-

• General Position
• Automatic Termination of Directorship
• Resignation of a Director
• Procedure for Removal/Replacement of a Director by the Shareholders

The Guidance Note refers the user to other documents, including board minutes, letter of resignation, directors’ compromise agreement, Companies House, shareholder notice, special notice of general meeting, general meeting minutes, and letter to Companies House. These documents can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

• Board minutes – resignation and appointment of director or secretary
• Board minutes – removal/replacement of director
• Letter of resignation – director or secretary
• Directors compromise agreement
• Termination of appointment of director
• Shareholder notice – replacement or removal of a director
• Special notice of general meeting – replacement/removal of a director
• General meeting minutes – replacement or removal of a director
• Letter to Companies House – removal/replacement of director

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