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Finding the Perfect Job Application Form Template for Your Business

Finding the perfect job application form template is essential for any business that plans on offering positions in an effort to expand its workforce. Luckily, you can join up with a company such as Simply-Docs and gain access to a whole library of document templates to use, saving you both time and money. For a small fee, you can locate and download any business forms you want at any time of the day. Any business that is recruiting will need to ensure that all of the angles are covered, and employment forms can help you do this easily.

Advantages of having job candidates complete a form from a template

When you have a position open within your business, there are obvious advantages to having candidates fill in a job application form. However, designing your own form can be tedious. It is much easier to download a template and then tailor it to fit the needs of your business and the position that you are offering.

A template will have the information written on it as a standard format, which of course you are free to add to and change. Having each candidate fill out the form makes it easier for you and your team to assess each of them to ensure that you are making a fair comparison, and to look at them objectively based on description of the job. This means that you are more likely to find the most suitable candidate for the post.

Employment application forms and templates can make the task of searching through your applicants a great deal easier, and you can narrow them down quickly. This is essential if you have a lot of candidates applying for the same position. You will be able to focus on the most important questions that people have answered on the form.

Making sure that your job application form complies with employment legislation

One of the biggest advantages to downloading templates is that you can be sure the form will meet various rules of employment legislation.

The company which provides your templates should give you peace of mind that every stage of your recruitment process meets the Equality Act 2010 in any areas which involve documentation. Along with providing applicants with an application form, you may also wish to ensure that guidance notes accompany them.

In relation to job application forms, there are certain things that you have to be careful about asking. For instance, you will not want to demand the date of birth of any candidate. Personal details are one area where special attention has to be paid on job application forms; for example, there should be no request for any information which could lead to discriminating between candidates on the basis of their age, gender or sexual orientation. When downloading templates from a reputable provider, all of these factors will already have been taken into account, which again provides you with peace of mind that you are meeting the guidelines when it comes to the law.

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