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Website Linking Agreement


This Website Linking Agreement enables two e-commerce websites to enter into a relationship whereby one will host a link to the other in exchange for payment. This document provides an ideal alternative to a link exchange agreement as the placement of links in this case is entirely one-sided. No reciprocal linking is involved.

This document is ideally suited for use by online directories or by companies wishing to promote other websites selling products or services that compliment their own.

Two levels of fees are provided for in this e-commerce agreement, the first is a standard level that provides only for standard links. The second provides for optional banner advertising. The agreement has been drafted in such a way that the parties can determine how their banners will function.

This document is not suited to link exchange relationships. Two Link Exchange Agreements are also available along with several other eCommerce agreements designed for inter-site marketing.

Optional phrases / clauses are enclosed in square brackets.

This Website Linking Agreement contains the following sections:

1. Definitions and Interpretation
2. Linking Arrangements
3. Banner Advertising
4. Fees & Payment
5. Site Maintenance and Content
6. Trade Marks
7. Intellectual Property
8. Representation and Warranties
9. Link Review
10. Term and Termination
11. Indemnity
12. Liability
13. Confidentiality
14. Force Majeure
15. Severance
16. Notice
17. Entire Agreement
18. General
19. [Dispute Resolution (Arbitration)]
20. Law and Jurisdiction

and the following Schedules:

1. Link URLS
2. Banners and Minimum Hits
3. Fees and Payment
4. Trade Marks

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