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Post-coronavirus lockdown: Letter notifying employees that they should continue to work from home


This letter should be used to notify employees who can work from home that they should continue temporary homeworking arrangements for the time being.

The full government advice can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/our-plan-to-rebuild-the-uk-governments-covid-19-recovery-strategy/the-next-chapter-in-our-plan-to-rebuild-the-uk-governments-covid-19-recovery-strategy--2

This letter reminds employees that they should:

• Continue to liaise with their line managers;

• Report sickness in the usual way; and

• Book annual leave in accordance with normal procedures.

The letter reassures employees that they will be kept updated with developments in the employer’s return to work strategy and advises them how much notice of the return to the workplace will be given.

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