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Washing Facilities in the Workplace.

Washing Facilities

Suitable and sufficient washing facilities must be provided at readily accessible places in the Workplace. These facilities must include showers if required for health reasons by the nature of the work.


Whether or not they are also provided elsewhere, washing facilities must be provided:

  • in the immediate vicinity of every toilet; and
  • in the vicinity of any changing rooms provided for users of special work clothing.

    Content of Facilities

    Washing facilities must include:

  • a supply of clean hot and cold water which must, so far is is reasonably practicable, be running water;
  • soap or other suitable means of cleaning;
  • towels or other suitable means of drying.

    At remote or temporary work sites without running water, sufficient water in containers for personal hygiene should be provided.

    Condition of Facilities

    Rooms with washing facilities must be sufficiently ventilated and lit.

    Facilities should provide adequate protection from the weather.

    Washing facilities and the rooms containing them must be kept in a clean and orderly condition.

    Personal Considerations

    Separate washing facilities must be provided for men and women except where:

    Number of Facilities

    The minimum number of washing stations depends on the number of people at work:

  • - they are in a room intended for use by one person at a time which has a door that can be secured from the inside; or
    - they are provided for washing the hand, forearms and face only.

    Special provision should be made for any workers with disabilities.

  • one for up to 5;
  • two for up to 25;
  • three for up to 50;
  • four for up to 75;
  • five for up to 100.

    Shared Facilities

    Where arrangements exist to use facilities provided by someone else, such as a landlord, the employer must ensure the requirements as regards facilities and numbers are met.

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